100 million $GBOX airdrop for GameFi players!

With the support of community users and partners, the Gbox marketplace focusing on games and the metaverse will soon go live at Binance Smart Chain (BSC)! The next easier to use and revolutionary NFT marketplace is coming soon!

To pay tribute to BSC and the early participants of BSC gamefi ecology, Gbox decided to open the BSC GameFi Airdrop! We plan to airdrop 100 million $GBOX tokens (5% of the total) to all early participants and backers of BSC popular NFT game. Now follow Gbox together and continue to create the wonderful future of GameFi!

What is Gbox?

Gbox is a multichain NFT marketplace built for Game and Metaverse assets, a game and metaverse platform integrating aggregated trading and ecological incubation. Gbox has launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and supported other blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon and Fantom.

The $GBOX token is a platform token for the Gbox marketplace with a total volume of 2 billion. Early circulating tokens are all community airdrops, with less than 10% in initial circulation.

Who can get $GBOX airdrop?

After community discussion and based on the activity and popularity of all GameFi projects on BSC, this phase of the airdrop will include users of the following BSC games. Airdrops and bonus events for more games are also being prepared.

1. BombCrypto

2. TheCryptoYou

3. Thetan Arena

4. CryptoBlades

5. Defina

6. Heroes & Empires

7. CryptoGodz

8. Space SIP

9. Radio Caca

10. Polychain Monsters

11. Pancake Squad

12. StarSharks

Users who have traded NFT more than 5 times (only including NFT buy and sell, excluding normal transactions) in total in the above games before December 31, 2021 can claim the airdrop, the start time for airdrop claim is January 13, 2022 at 12:00 UTC.

We have divided users into 3 levels based on the number of NFT transactions they have made in the game, and the maximum amount that can be claimed by users in each level is as follows:

Level 1 : 500 $GBOX

Level 2 : 1000 $GBOX

Level 3 : 2000 $GBOX

The total amount of $GBOX in the airdrop pool for bsc gamers is 100 million (5% of the total). The airdrop is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please claim your $GBOX airdrop as soon as possible.

How to claim $GBOX airdrop?

All eligible users can visit the Airdrop page on the Gbox website (https://gbox.space) after 12:00 (UTC) on January 13, 2022 to check and claim your $GBOX airdrop. You can also provide liquidity for $GBOX on the staking page and get more mining rewards.

The deadline for claiming $GBOX tokens is April 13, 2022. Tokens that have not been claimed by the deadline will be burned.

For more details on the airdrop, you can join Gbox’s community for more updates.

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